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This is the best thing after risotto rice.


great music!!! <3

AHHHH. This game is too cute, and fun to boot! I would love you forever if you made a version for android; this game would be a perfect little distraction on public transit.


Oh I'm working on a mobile version right now! You can follow me on twitter for updates if you like!

Dangit this game is good lmao

Super cool ur using flash! What's ur process for making stuff with flash these days?

im not sure about the death penalty for hitting the corner of a block though, maybe it should just push the block out of the way? that way the only way to lose is for your tower to fall down, which is funny

idk what you're asking? I just make games and I figured Flash was a good way to let people play it, wasn't any real thought behind it!

If I missed some block when my score is 0 the score increases, it seems like the game doesn't show negatives scores and I don't know if that's intentional. Anyway, the game is simple and fun and I like it

I think that *might* be because I didn't add a "-" to the font but I'm not sure. Wanted to know but never managed to get to a - score myself!

It was difficult although I only managed to get a -1 score. It's really difficult!


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^^^ infinite loop?



Wrassling is also a good game - you have a good and fun sense of humor! And stylish hats.

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